Mansukh Sagathia’s Wealth Exceeds Income by 410%: Gas Agency, Petrol Pump, and Adani Shantigram Bungalow

Investigation into Rajkot’s Notorious TRP Gamezone Fire Incident

The fire incident at Rajkot’s TRP Gamezone has led to ongoing investigations against responsible officials, including those from the fire department. Following the investigation into Rajkot Municipal Corporation’s (RMC) Deputy Chief Fire Officer Bhikha Theba, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has now filed a complaint against the then Town Planning Officer (TPO), Mansukh Sagarhiya. The ACB has registered a case of disproportionate assets against Mansukh Sagarhiya. The former TPO was found to possess a gas agency, a petrol pump, and a bungalow in Adani Shantigram, Ahmedabad.

On June 14th, at an event in Sarsa, Anand, Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel stated, “We will now visit the Collector’s office… all the stirrings will now come to a halt.” Subsequently, following the Gamezone fire incident, a case of disproportionate assets has been filed against Sagarhiya.

ACB Complaint Against Former TPO Sagarhiya

A case of disproportionate assets has been filed against the suspended TPO of Rajkot, Mansukh Sagarhiya. The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has registered another complaint, following raids at three locations associated with Sagarhiya. The investigation uncovered assets worth INR 10.55 crore, which are 410% more than his known income. Raids were also conducted at the Rajkot office of Sagarhiya’s brother. Disproportionate assets include a gas agency, a petrol pump, and a bungalow in Adani Shantigram, Ahmedabad. The ACB is also investigating his hometown, with Joint Director Bipin Ahire and team acting under the guidance of Director Samshersingh.

Luxurious Farmhouse, Petrol Pump Partnership, and Lavish Mansion

In connection with the TRP Game Zone fire incident on Kalawad Road in Rajkot, actions have been taken against four responsible officers of the Rajkot Municipal Corporation. Four months ago, around 15 BJP corporators presented to Standing Committee Chairman Jaimin Thakar, alleging corruption by TPO Sagarhiya. While actions had been initiated, stronger evidence emerged on May 31 from Divya Bhaskar’s investigation. It was revealed that Sagarhiya owns a luxurious farmhouse near Gomta village on the Rajkot-Jetpur National Highway in Gondal Taluka. Additionally, he holds partnerships in three petrol pumps and is constructing an opulent 300-yard bungalow on University Road in Rajkot.

ACB Obtains Evidence of Disproportionate Assets from 2012 to 2024

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has gathered evidence of disproportionate assets against the former TPO Mansukh Dhanabhai Sagarhiya for the period from April 1, 2012, to May 31, 2024. The investigation covered properties acquired during this check period. Documentary evidence, bank account details, and information from various government offices were collected along with his financial transactions.

Misuse of Official Position to Amass Wealth

The ACB’s financial advisor analyzed all collected data. The investigation revealed that Sagarhiya misused his position as a public servant, engaging in various corrupt practices to illegally accumulate wealth. The funds obtained through corruption were used for investments in properties under his name and that of his dependents. During the investigation, it was found that Sagarhiya had investments and expenditures amounting to INR 13,23,33,323, which is significantly higher compared to his lawful income of INR 2,57,17,359.

Rajkot ACB PI Files Complaint on Behalf of the Government

Former TPO Mansukh Sagarhiya has been found to possess assets worth INR 10,55,37,355, which are 410.37% more than his legal income. This case was investigated by the Field Police Inspector J.M. Aal of Rajkot ACB, who filed the complaint on behalf of the government at the Rajkot City ACB Police Station. The charges were made under sections 13(1)(b) and 13(2) of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 (Amendment-2018). The further investigation of this case has been assigned to Police Inspector M.M. Laliwala of the Surendranagar ACB Police Station under the supervision of Assistant Director K.H. Gohil of the Rajkot unit.

Sagarhiya Currently on Remand for Duplicate Minutes Book Case

A complaint has been lodged against Mansukh Sagarhiya, the former Town Planning Officer (TPO) of Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC), for disproportionate assets. Previously, Sagarhiya was arrested by the Crime Branch for negligence in duty related to the fire incident. A separate complaint was also filed against him for preparing a duplicate minutes book. Sagarhiya is currently on remand in the duplicate minutes book case. Earlier, a complaint was also filed against Deputy Chief Fire Officer BJ Theba of Rajkot Municipal Corporation.

Negligence for One Year Without Action

The Rajkot Crime Branch has arrested a total of nine accused so far, all of whom have been remanded to jail. During the investigation, the Crime Branch revealed that officers of the Town Planning (TP) department showed negligence by not taking any action for a year after issuing notices. On May 4, 2024, the operators applied to regularize the construction at RMC, but no site inspection was conducted, showing negligence by the then TPO Mansukh Sagarhiya, ATPO Gautam Joshi, and Mukesh Makwana. Additionally, despite a previous fire incident on September 4, 2023, at the same game zone, Fire Station Officer Rohit Vigor did not take any action even though there was no fire NOC.

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