Fatal Motorcycle Accident: Youth’s Hand Severed in Mehsana Collision, CCTV Footage Reveals Tragic Incident

The startling CCTV footage capturing the fatal incident that occurred in Mehsana on the night of the 31st has been brought to public attention. Priyadutt Rana, in the midst of celebrating the New Year with friends while returning on a Bullet motorcycle, could not have anticipated that he would not live to see the dawn of the New Year.

The unfortunate turn of events unfolded as Priyadutt Rana’s Bullet motorcycle collided with a pillar at full speed during his journey home. In a single, impactful blow, his arm was severed from the shoulder, leading to his instantaneous demise at the scene of the accident. The gravity of the incident is vividly captured in the CCTV footage.

Mehsana Resident Priyadutt Rana’s Untimely Demise

In the city of Mehsana, just half an hour away from the anticipated arrival of the new year, a sorrowful incident unfolded as 29-year-old Priyadutt Bharatbhai Rana, along with friends Chandrakant Rana, Raju Parmar, and Dhaval Parmar, experienced a fateful turn of events. Residing in Rana Vas in the Ambedkar Chowk area, the group decided to have breakfast at Radhanpur Chowkdi, commencing their outing around 11 pm.

Following their meal, Raju Parmar departed for home on Chandrakant Rana’s Activa, leaving Priyadutt Rana with the Bullet motorcycle. Little did they know that this seemingly routine exchange would lead to a tragic incident that would alter the course of their New Year’s Eve celebrations.

While taking this bullet Priyadat died.

A Tragic Turn on the Eve of the New Year

In a heart-wrenching incident, Priyadutt Rana’s life took a devastating turn with a single blow that led to the detachment of his hand from his shoulder. Having borrowed a friend’s Bullet motorcycle, Priyadutt, accompanied by his friend Dhawal Parmar, embarked on a journey from Modhera Chowkdi to Mal Godown Road. The fateful moment occurred at approximately 11:30 pm as they were en route to BK Cinema Chowk. 

Tragically, Priyadutt’s Bullet collided with a pillar supporting hoardings along the road, resulting in the instantaneous detachment of his arm from his shoulder. With the new year just half an hour away, Priyadutt succumbed to his injuries on the spot. This poignant incident serves as a stark reminder of the fragility of life, emphasizing the unforeseen nature of accidents that can cast a shadow even in the midst of celebratory moments.

Friends Grapple With Tragic News: Priyadutt Rana’s Demise Unfolds

Upon Priyadutt Rana’s unfortunate accident, a chain of distressing events unfolded. The friend who safely reached home attempted to contact Priyadutt, only to have someone else answer the call at Raju Parmar’s residence. Raju Parmar, having returned home, picked up the phone to inform Priyadutt’s friends about the accident near BK Cinema. In response, Raju and his friend Chandrakant rushed to BK Cinema, only to discover both friends lying in a grievous condition.

In the aftermath of the incident, Priyadutt Rana was pronounced dead by the doctor who attended to him via the 108 emergency service. Simultaneously, Dhawal Parmar, also involved in the accident, was transferred to Lions Hospital for immediate medical attention. Subsequently, recognizing the severity of his injuries, Dhawal was further moved to Ahmedabad for advanced medical treatment. The unfolding events depict a harrowing tale of friends grappling with the sudden and tragic turn of events, highlighting the fragility of life and the emotional toll such incidents can take on those connected to the victims.

File photo of deceased Priyadutta Rana.

Grief Deepens as Four Sisters Mourn the Loss of Their Sole Breadwinner

The untimely demise of Priyadutt, who tragically lost his life in a fatal accident while returning home on a friend’s Bullet, has cast a profound shadow over his family. As the only brother among four sisters, Priyadutt served as the sole breadwinner, holding the position of a supervisor in an AGM company responsible for delivering cash to banks’ ATMs. His unexpected passing has left a void not only in the hearts of his sisters but also in the financial stability of the family.

Priyadutt and his family had diligently prepared for his upcoming marriage in the month of February. However, the sudden and tragic turn of events has disrupted the joyous anticipation, replacing it with an overwhelming mountain of sorrow for Priyadutt’s grieving family. The loss of their beloved brother, provider, and soon-to-be-husband has brought an unforeseen and profound challenge, underscoring the fragility of life and the profound impact of unexpected tragedies on the lives of those left behind.

Remembering Priyadutt Rana: A Cricket Enthusiast and Beloved Captain

Beyond being the primary breadwinner for his family, Priyadutt Rana was a multifaceted individual who held a prominent place in his community. Fondly known as Priyadatta Rana Pintuna Hulamana in his area, he was not only a responsible supervisor at an AGM company but also an influential figure in the local sports scene.

Priyadutt’s passion for cricket was evident through his role as the captain of the local cricket team in Mitravartul. Renowned for his prowess as a batsman, he led his team with skill and enthusiasm. His friends remember him as not only a reliable teammate on the field but also a charismatic leader off it. Priyadutt’s presence in the local cricket circuit had garnered him widespread popularity, and his contribution to the sport had made him a cherished figure in his community.

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