BMW Runs Over Couple in Mumbai: Woman Dragged 100 Meters, Dies; Shiv Sena Leader’s Accused Son Was Intoxicated, Driver & Accused Father Detained

On Sunday (July 7), another hit-and-run incident occurred in Mumbai’s Worli area, just days after the infamous Porsche accident in Pune. Early morning, a BMW collided with a scooter carrying a couple. 

After the collision, the driver fled the scene, leaving behind a 45-year-old woman who was fatally injured, succumbing to her injuries after being dragged by the car for 100 meters. The woman’s husband has been injured.

According to police sources, the car was being driven by Mihir Shah, the 24-year-old son of Shiv Sena leader Rajesh Shah, who was also present during the incident. Mihir Shah has since fled, prompting the police to launch a search for him. The car involved has been seized as part of the investigation.

File photo of the deceased woman.

Tragic Accident in Mumbai’s Atria Mall: Woman Killed as BMW Hits Scooter Again

According to NDTV reports, Pradik Nakva and his wife Kaveri Nakva, residents of Worli in Mumbai, were regular visitors to Sassoon Dock to buy fish. Today, as usual, they were returning on their scooter from Sassoon Dock. Around 5:30 AM near Atria Mall, a BMW coming from behind collided forcefully with their scooter. The impact was so severe that the scooter overturned, throwing both husband and wife onto the car’s bonnet.

In an attempt to save himself, the husband jumped off the bonnet, but unfortunately, his wife couldn’t manage to do so. In a panic, the accused driver allegedly dragged the woman for nearly 100 meters along with the car before fleeing the scene.

After the incident, the accused Mihir and his driver fled with the car. The injured woman was rushed to Mumbai Central’s Nair Hospital but succumbed to her injuries there. Her husband is currently under medical care.

The fisherman couple used to go to Sassoon Dock every day to fish. Even today they went to Sassoon Dock. An accident occurred while returning.

Attempt to Remove Party Sticker from Car After Accident

Following the incident, an attempt was made to remove the sticker of a political party from the car. Post the accident, Mumbai Police inspected the CCTV footage around the incident site in Worli, revealing that the car belonged to Rajesh Shah, a leader of Shiv Sena. Rajesh Shah is a prominent leader of Shiv Sena in Palghar.

Worli Police have registered a hit-and-run case and seized the white BMW car. Efforts to erase evidence were also noticed during police investigation. A Shiv Sena sticker was found on the car’s windshield.

After the incident, attempts were made to scratch and remove the sticker to conceal the vehicle’s association with the party. Even the number plate was tampered with, but police managed to identify the owner through CCTV footage.

Shiv Sena Leader’s Son Involved in Drunk Driving Incident

According to police sources, during the incident, Mihir Shah was intoxicated. On Saturday night (July 6), he was caught driving under the influence in Juhu. While heading home, he asked the driver about a long drive.

In Worli, Mihir insisted on driving and started the car. Shortly after going a short distance, he collided with a couple. After the incident, he turned off his phone. Police are currently searching for him.

CM Shinde: No One Will Be Spared

Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has termed the Mumbai incident unfortunate and assured action. He stated, “The law will take its own course; the law is equal for everyone. I have spoken with the police, and strict action will be taken. Whoever is guilty will face action. We treat everyone equally.”

Aditya Thackeray: Culprits Must Be Caught

Aditya Thackeray, leader of Shiv Sena (Uddhav Faction), met the husband of the victim at a Mumbai police station. He stated, “This incident shakes us. I do not demand any political color to be given to it. We demand the arrest of the culprits. I met the victim; he told me what happened. This is a case of hit and run.”

In a post, X, a Shiv Sena leader, said, “Driving recklessly, jumping signals, carrying three people in a car, all this has been increasing in Mumbai. Now incidents like hit and run are also happening. It is essential to immediately arrest the perpetrator to prevent such incidents. For this, we must move forward from politics and improve the situation.”

Tragic Deaths of Two Software Engineers in Pune

Tragic Deaths of Two Software Engineers in Pune

Approximately two months ago, on the night of May 18-19, a tragic incident occurred in Athawamana, Pune, where a 24-year-old male and female software engineer lost their lives in a collision with a luxury car. At that time, the son of a prominent builder in Pune collided with the engineers, who were riding a bike, using his Porsche, resulting in the fatal accident.

Both fatalities occurred at the scene of the incident. In this case, attempts were made to destroy evidence after the sudden death of the builder’s son, his mother, and his grandparents.

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