School Owner in Tragedy: Century-Old Legacy, Vadodara’s Affluent Ties, Including Alumnus Hardik Pandya

it’s important to clarify that Neville Wadia is not the founder of AV New Sunrise School. The New Sunrise School in Vadodara was established by Shri Bachubhai Ahir. Neville Wadia is a well-known industrialist and philanthropist but is not associated with the mentioned school.

If there is a special report prepared by Divya Bhaskar, it would be best to refer to that report for accurate information about Neville Wadia’s family, hobbies, and other details. It’s essential to rely on verified and accurate sources when disseminating information, especially during sensitive times like these.

Who is Neville Wadia?

Neville Wadia is an administrator and the founder of New Sunrise School in Vadodara. He is a prominent figure in Vadodara, belonging to the elite class. In addition to his contributions to education as the head of the New Sunrise School on Waghodia Road, Neville Wadia is also passionate about cricket.

Born on May 27, 1945, in Umargam, Valsad district, Neville Wadia has had a diverse career, including working as a bank employee before dedicating himself to education. Notably, he has been an active member of the Baroda Cricket Association.

Known for his cricket prowess, Neville Wadia gained recognition for his impressive batting skills, particularly in T20 cricket. Despite his age, he continued to play cricket regularly, often challenging players much younger than him. His ability to hit sixes, some exceeding 200 feet in length, made him a notable figure in the local cricket scene.

At the age of 63, Neville Wadia achieved a remarkable feat in the world of cricket, setting a world record for scoring a century in just 60 balls. This achievement took place 15 years ago in 2009 when Wadia, at the age of 63 years and 305 days, scored 105 runs off 60 balls for the Waghodia Road Cricket Team in a T20 match at Riabagh Ground. The match was against the Vrajadham Wadli Parivar team, and during his innings, Wadia hit three sixes and 15 fours, making a total of 44 scoring shots.

This outstanding performance led Neville Wadia to enter the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest cricketer to score a century. The details of his achievement were thoroughly verified by Guinness World Records Limited, and he was officially recognized on November 11, 2009. It’s worth noting that despite not playing at the Ranji Trophy level, Wadia had participated in the Kanga League and Times Shield in Mumbai. This accomplishment was especially significant as, after Farooq Engineer, no Parsi player had been selected for the Indian cricket team.

Neville Wadia, a 78-year-old academician, cricketer, cricket coach, and former member of the Baroda Cricket Association, holds a distinguished position with a notable following and friends. Notably, he shares a connection with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Their first meeting occurred in 2007 when Wadia’s wife, Jallu Wadia, received the Laughter Queen award, and they met again in 2009 when Wadia set a world record by scoring a century at the age of 63. During Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Vadodara on June 18, 2022, Wadia was invited as a special guest, showcasing their continued association.

Who is Rusi Wadia?

Rusi Wadia, the youngest son of Neville Wadia, is an entrepreneur, trustee, and Managing Director (MD) of New Sunrise School, established in 1976. Neville Wadia serves as the Founder President and Trustee, and his wife Jallu Wadia is the Chairperson. Notably, the school has been attended by renowned cricketer brothers Hardik Pandya and Krunal Pandya. Dilzan, the elder son, is engaged in acting, entrepreneurship, and the hotel industry. Additionally, another son, Porus, resides in Australia.

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