Surat Board Exam Panic: Student Rushes to Hospital for Hand Infection; 13 Get Certificates at Civil Hospital for Writers

In Surat’s Kamrej area, a Class 10 student developed an infection in her right hand just a day before the commencement of the board exams, which are scheduled to begin today. Her hand started swelling with pain, instilling fear and anxiety in the student. Consequently, she was taken to Surat Civil Hospital for treatment and care. 

Upon the medical officer’s immediate notification and assessment of the severity of the situation, the Resident Medical Officer (RMO) was promptly informed, and the hospital administration swiftly responded by arranging for necessary medical attention. Later, the student was escorted to the computer operator to obtain a certificate, allowing her to request a writer for her exams, a procedure facilitated by the District Education Officer (DEO).

Hand Swelling Noticed in Kamrej: Concerns for Archana, a Boarding School Student

In the village of Bhagvod, located in the Tapi district of Narmada, Sureshbhai Vasava resides with his family, engaging in agricultural activities. Among Sureshbhai’s children is Archana, a 15-year-old daughter, who has been residing in the Kamrej Timba hostel for the past two years, pursuing her studies in 10th grade. 

On Saturday afternoon, Archana noticed a slight swelling in her right hand. Concerned about her well-being, she promptly visited the health center in Kamrej to obtain medication for her condition.

Archana Faces Hand Swelling Amidst Board Exam Stress

On Sunday evening, Archana suddenly experienced an increase in swelling in her hand. This swelling meant that due to the discomfort, Archana wouldn’t be able to write the Class 10 board exams starting from Monday, adding to her stress levels. Concerned about her condition, the teachers at the hostel brought her to Surat Civil Hospital for treatment. 

However, as Sunday was a public holiday, Archana couldn’t obtain the necessary medical certificate. Without the certificate, Archana couldn’t approach the District Education Officer (DEO) for arrangements, which would have allowed her to request a writer for the exams. This unforeseen circumstance jeopardized Archana’s academic future.

Rays of Hope Illuminate Student’s Face Amidst Crisis

Upon learning of the incident, Medical Officers Dr. Priyanka and Dr. Tejas expressed concern and immediately informed the hospital’s Resident Medical Officer (RMO). Responding promptly, RMO Dr. Ketan Nayak rushed to the hospital and summoned the operator. Following two hours of examinations by surgical doctors, they provided the necessary care and issued the medical certificate. As a result, rays of hope illuminated the student’s face, amidst the crisis.

Surat Civil Hospital

Surge in Students Seeking Certificates at Surat Civil Hospital

This year, 13 students have sought certificates at Surat Civil Hospital, a significant increase compared to the typical six students annually. According to available information, the surge in certificate requests may be attributed to unforeseen circumstances such as sudden illnesses, accidents, or hand infections preventing these students from participating in board exams.

Certificate Issuance on Leave Days

Certificate Issuance on Leave Days

During leave days, certificates were issued at the hospital, following directives and instructions provided concerning students’ future concerns. It was emphasized that any student arriving should be given priority, with the Resident Medical Officer (RMO) duly informed. 

The hospital operates half-day shifts on Saturdays, and therefore, students arriving in the evening were prioritized and provided with certificates after necessary assessments. Similarly, certificates were also issued on Sundays, ensuring students’ needs were addressed even on leave days.

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