Teachers Clang Thalis in Protest, Demand Permanent Recruitment

Decisions Regarding Grant-in-aid Schools

In grant-in-aid schools across the state, teachers, employees, and administrators have been raising several crucial questions for a long time now. In response to these concerns, teachers have been conducting protests in front of the government. After seven generations of protests, the government has decided to revoke the grant policy based on the outcomes. Until now, these demands were not met, which is why, even today, after schools have been fully granted, teachers have taken to the streets in protest.

Demands to Provide Full Grant to Schools

According to available information, teachers, principals, and administrators of grant-in-aid schools across the state held a meeting. In this meeting, discussions were held regarding the upcoming policy. Previously, teachers had protested, submitted applications, written letters, worn black clothes, tied black ribbons, and observed silent rallies, all of which had an impact on the government. As a result, the government decided to revoke the grant policy based on the outcomes, and today, all schools have been granted full grants.

Demand for Permanent Teacher Recruitment

As of now, teachers, employees, and administrators have several questions, such as permanent recruitment, work other than teaching, old pension scheme, seventh pay commission benefits, limits on the number of students, and various other issues that have not been resolved so far. Therefore, even today, after schools have been fully granted, teachers have conducted silent rallies wearing white clothes and have not made any comments until 4 PM. This silent protest will take place within a one-kilometer radius, without any police obstruction, unlike the previous incident when silent rallies were held and the police had intervened.

Teachers Urge Government’s Attention

A teacher named Vishnu Desai stated that today’s eighth-generation protest is demanding the government’s attention to all the questions of teachers. These questions are in the best interest of teachers and students, which is why we have conducted silent rallies today.

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