Truck Plunges into Canal in Ahmedabad: Crane Rescue After Wall-Railing Breaks!

In a sudden mishap on the NaroL-Naroda Highway in Ahmedabad, a speeding truck lost control, overturning into a canal. The truck, filled with castings, was moving at such a high speed that it broke through the canal’s surrounding walls and railings, landing inside. Traffic police were immediately alerted to the scene of the accident. The use of a heavy crane was initiated to extract the truck from the canal. Fortunately, the accident had minimal impact on traffic.

Police and Local Officials at the Accident Site

According to available information, the accident occurred around 5 AM as a casting-loaded truck traveling from NaroL to Naroda on the National Highway overturned into the canal near the Gorna Kuva bus stand in Jashodanagar. The truck driver, who was driving at high speed, lost control of the vehicle, leading to the accident. Emergency response teams from the police and local residents rushed to the site. Dr. Hasmukh Patel, a local legislator, also arrived to assess the situation.

Costs of Damage to be recovered From the Owner

Due to the accident in the canal, causing damage to the canal, loss of railings, and damage to RCC walls, the truck owner’s company is liable for all expenses. Suggestions were given to recover the costs from the truck owner’s company, and it was advised to conduct maintenance on this section of the National Highway. The police, using a heavy crane, worked on pulling the submerged truck out of the canal, and legal proceedings against the truck owner were initiated by the police, who also made a note of the violation.

Niyati Rao

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