Galaxy Spa Owner Mohsin Arrested: Timely Rescue on Sindhu Bhavan Road After Viral Video Emerges, Shocking Monthly Rent Revelation

On Sindhu Bhavan Road in Ahmedabad, the manager of Galaxy Spa, Mohsin, allegedly assaulted a young woman. The video of the incident, which surfaced within 24 hours, led to the arrest of the accused by the police. According to available information, Mohsin was renting a place for the spa, and the monthly rent for the location was ₹1,88,500. He had also deposited ₹5,65,580 as a one-year advance rent. The agreement was set to expire on September 22, and it was agreed to increase the rent by 7% for the following year.

Underneath this column, we note the grievous incident involving Mohsin Rangrej. Mohsin, in partnership with a lady salon, had initiated a business where a young woman worked alongside him. In the course of their association, the young woman allegedly became a victim of verbal abuse and physical assault at the hands of Mohsin. Furthermore, her clothing was torn during the incident. Distraught by these actions, the young woman courageously filed a formal complaint against Mohsin at the local police station, accusing him under IPC sections 354 (Assault), 323 (Voluntarily causing hurt), and 294 (A) (Obscene acts).

The Carpet area of the Shop is 183.95 Square meters.

Shop number 306 in the Times Square Building on the third floor is leased to three owners, namely Rangrej Ayan Mubakarkbhai, Karamjeet Kaur, a resident of Panchkula, Haryana. The lease agreement for this shop covers an area of 183.95 square meters.

In the viral video, you can clearly see that Mohsin repeatedly and brutally assaulted the young woman, grabbing her by the hair and mercilessly beating her. Not only that, he also tore her clothes apart in the presence of a Spanish-style room with dimly lit candles. This young man subjected the young woman to relentless physical abuse for a continuous 4 minutes. The way the young woman remained passive during the ordeal is quite distressing. While others can be seen in the vicinity in the video, they did not intervene as Mohsin continued to brutally attack the young woman to the point where she was unable to defend herself.

The Accused Allegedly Subjected the Complainant to Physical Assault.

According to information received from the complaint, on the night of September 25, 2023, at around 3:30 AM, the complainant and his accomplice, the accused Mohsin Hussain Rangrej and S. Mira Salon’s manager Digvanshi, were cleaning ‘The Galaxy Spa’ located on Sindhu Bhavan Road in the Times Square Grand Building. At this time, the accused Mohsin Hussain Rangrej reportedly confronted the complainant and accused him of causing a dispute in their salon. He allegedly verbally abused and physically assaulted the complainant, even tearing the complainant’s shirt. During this altercation, Digvanshi, the manager, intervened, and the accused allegedly struck him as well.

The Police Reached the Accused’s Residence but Found that he had already fled.

In the ongoing investigation, various attempts were made to apprehend the accused at different locations. Local inspectors and their teams had also arrived at the house of the spa manager, where they were informed by the accused’s wife that ‘he is not at home.’ It has been revealed that the spa, which incurred significant expenses, was being run by two individuals, Ayan and Mohsin. The spa served as a center for people, attracting substantial investments.

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