Online Part-Time Job Scam: Vadodara Youth Loses 82 Lakhs in Temptation, Tips to Avoid Such Frauds Revealed

Three individuals involved in a fraud scheme have been apprehended by the Vadodara City Cyber Crime Police. The fraudsters deceived people by promising online part-time jobs through Telegram, asking them to complete various tasks for money. The police in Vadodara are now conducting a thorough investigation into the matter.

According to a complaint filed with the Vadodara Cyber Crime Police, a resident of the Akota area in Vadodara received a message on WhatsApp from an unknown number claiming to be from HCL, a digital transformation company. The communication then shifted to Telegram, where the fraudsters assigned tasks such as subscribing to different YouTube channels and providing reviews on Google Maps under the guise of a part-time job. The victim was promised a fixed amount in return for completing these tasks. Subsequently, a total of Rs 82,67,141 was fraudulently transferred from the victim’s account to various bank accounts in increments, supposedly for premium tasks.Upon completion of the tasks, the reward amount was displayed in a dummy crypto wallet. However, when the victim attempted to withdraw the funds in rupees from the crypto wallet, the transaction failed. Subsequently, a complaint was lodged with the cyber crime police regarding the online fraud. The investigation is ongoing to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The Vadodara Cyber Crime Police, with the aid of technical and scientific resources, successfully arrested the individuals involved in the fraud scheme. The accused have been remanded for eight days, and a significant amount of evidence has been seized from them. The confiscated items include 8 mobile phones, 12 SIM cards, and 3 laptops.

Names of Accused:

  1. Varun Durgaprasad Kapur (S.W-26, Res. Vishalnagar, Tarsali, Vadodara)
  2. Mehul Arvindbhai Patel (S.V-26, Res. Vishalnagar, Tarsali, Vadodara)
  3. Hardik Arvindbhai Patel (S.W-27, Res. Vadsar, Vadodara)

Roles of the Accused:

  1. Varun Durgaprasad Kapoor’s Role:
    • Studied up to standard 6th.
    • Joined I.C.I.C.I. and opened a bank account where the complainant’s money was transferred.
    • Took a commission for using this account and handed over the funds to co-accused Hardik Patel.
  2. Mehul Arvindbhai Patel’s Role:
    • Received his B.A. and studied up to the second year.
    • Opened accounts in different banks and handed them over to co-accused Hardik Patel.
    • Earned a commission for using these accounts.
  3. Hardik Arvindbhai Patel’s Role:
    • Purchased bank accounts from co-accused and handed them over to other co-accused.

The investigation continues to unfold the full extent of their fraudulent activities.

The criminals employ a specific modus operandi to execute their fraudulent activities. They initiate contact with the victim through Telegram, convincing them to subscribe to a YouTube channel. Subsequently, they entice the victim with the promise of earning money through a part-time job, returning a small amount initially. The criminals then introduce new tasks through separate Telegram groups, offering the victim the opportunity to earn approximately Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2000 by completing up to 25 tasks per day.

To build trust, screenshots of other users claiming to have earned substantial amounts by completing tasks are posted in a Telegram group. Under the pretext of providing premium tasks, the accused transfer the task fees to their bank accounts, and in return, they display the victim’s deposited amount in a dummy crypto wallet. However, when the victim attempts to withdraw the amount from the crypto wallet, the transaction fails.

The criminals continue to deceive the victim using various pretexts until the victim faces significant distress. Throughout the entire criminal operation, different Telegram IDs are utilized to carry out the fraudulent activities.

Safety Tips:

  1. Only engage in financial transactions after verifying messages or phone calls regarding online part-time jobs through platforms like Telegram or WhatsApp.
  2. Be cautious of schemes promising substantial earnings in a short time on social media platforms like Telegram. Some scams may ask for an initial investment, claiming to return a higher amount after completing a task. Avoid falling for such offers, as they may be cyber scams aiming to exploit your trust.
  3. Do not permit anyone to use your bank account or SIM card for any reason. You could be held legally responsible for any illegal activities conducted using your account or card.
  4. If you become a victim of any cybercrime, promptly contact the nearest police station or cybercrime unit. You can also reach out to the helpline number 1930 for assistance. Stay vigilant and report any suspicious activities to law enforcement to ensure a safer online experience.

Niyati Rao

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