Two-Year-Old Raj Lost Fight of Life: 10 Hours in Borewell, 20 Days in Hospital, Tragic Incident in Jamnagar

On February 6th, in the village of Govana in Lalpur Taluka of Jamnagar district, a two-year-old child fell into a borewell while playing, descending approximately 200 feet. After a 10-hour rescue operation, the child, named Hemkhem, was brought out. However, after battling for 20 consecutive days, Hemkhem succumbed to the ordeal of life and death today. The entire family is engulfed in grief amidst the care provided at Jamnagar’s GG Hospital.

Loss in the Face of Death

On the evening of February 6th, while playing in the valley during twilight hours, a two-year-old child fell into a 200-foot deep borewell in the village of Govana, Lalpur. After a tense 10-hour operation, the child was rescued from the borewell and rushed to GG Hospital in Jamnagar. Despite efforts to save him, Hemkhem, who fought a life-and-death battle for 20 days, lost his life today.

What Happened on February 6th?

In the valley of Dahyabhai Ranmalbhai Karangiya in Lalpur Taluka of Jamnagar district, a two-year-old child from a family of local laborers fell into a 200-foot deep borewell. The child, who fell into the borewell surrounded by bushes around twilight on February 6th, was rescued by a rescue team on the morning of February 7th.

Raj Suddenly Fell into an Open Borewell

The child, Raj, who was playing in the fields, suddenly fell into an open borewell, leading to panic among his family members and surrounding villagers. Upon learning of the incident, senior officials including the Tehsildar, Mamlatdar, and police officers rushed to the scene along with the Jamnagar Disaster Control Room, fire brigade team, and 108 ambulances.

Rescue Team Provided Oxygen through Pipeline

The rescue team of the fire brigade that arrived at the scene immediately embarked on a rescue operation to save the child. Since the child was trapped 12 feet below the ground in the 200-foot deep borewell, the rescue team first provided oxygen through a pipeline to reach the child. As the child couldn’t be brought up from the borewell, the rescue team tied a rope around his waist and carefully lifted him up.

Boy Rescued from Deep Pit Using Breaker

The rescue operation to extricate a child who had fallen into a vast pit began with the help of a breaker from the borewell, located two to three meters away from the pit. The child, trapped at a depth of 12 feet, was reached by the rescue team using a jessie-b, reaching down to 14 feet into the pit. Following the excavation to a depth of 14 feet, the child’s hand was reached using the breaker from the side. Upon reaching the child’s vicinity, his mouth was cleared, and additional oxygen was provided. Subsequently, he was pulled out from the borewell for safety. This continuous 10-hour rescue operation aimed to ensure that no soil fell into the borewell during excavation and that the child remained uninjured, receiving special attention throughout.

Raj Fights for 20 Days

After being pulled out of the borewell, Raj was rushed to the ICU ward of Jamnagar’s GG Hospital, where he battled mortality for a continuous 20 days. Doctors fought tirelessly to save Raj, who was on the brink of death. However, today, as he loses the battle against death, an aura of mourning envelops the family.

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